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Fitzpatrick Skin Type Matrix

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In 1975, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School, developed a classification system for skin typing. This system was based on a person's complexion and responses to sun exposure. Today, this classification system is also used to aid practitioners in the care of their patients. For successful laser and light therapy, it is necessary to determine your correct skin type. Hair Removal treatment is effective for all those unwanted hairs, with our expertise in IPL treatment. Contact us today and see how IPL Hair Removal treatments can make a difference to your life!

Some of our customers have also benefited from out treatments specialising in areas including; Sclerotherapy, Rosacea, Botox Treatment and ACNE Removal.

Skin Type


Extremely Fair Skin, always burns, never tans


Fair Skin, always burns, sometimes tans


Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans


Olive skin, rarely burns, always tans


Moderately pigmented brown skin, never burns, always tans


Marked pigmeted black skin, never burns, always tans


Pregnancy and age had turned me into a hairy-chin woman. I tried electrolysis and found it to be both slow and painful. I had read about laser treatments and decided that it wasn't for me.

When I first heard of IPL I thought "how can a couple of light waves get rid of hair." Well I'm happy to report that despite my misgivings the hair started falling out after my first treatment. After a course of 5 treatments my hair had disappeared completely. After years of shaving I couldn't quite believe it, but it's true. I still wake up and run my hand over my chin just to check that I don't need a shave!

I am now in the process of having my underarms treated so I can stop shaving forever.

Melanie, Lichfield, Staffordshire

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