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Medical Peels

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This process rapidly removes the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing fresh skin and stimulating cell rebuilding.

A post-treatment regime with recommended skin products can help the skin maintain a healthier, plumper and tighter appearance, with enhanced skin smoothness and clarity.

All types of skin are treatable with a medical peel, however, Asian and Afro-Carribean skin would need to follow a pre-treatment regime of blending and bleaching cream two weeks prior to treatment.

Please feel free to contact us about Medical Peels and our other skin treatments including; Botox, Pigmentation, Hair Removal and Facial.

Charismetics provide expert consultation in a wide range of treatments including; Restylane, and Sclerotherapy.


I have always had problem skin; acne scars from my teenage years, dark patches from sun exposure over the years and a general “blah” appearance. I was keen on having a chemical peel after seeing it on one of those make-over shows. The normal skin peels from the beauty shops that I’d had a couple of times just weren’t strong enough to make a difference, and because I have darker skin, I was worried that a stronger peel might result in a patchy look.

At my consultation, the procedure, treatment expectations and results were explained to me in detail. I wanted to go ahead and have the treatment done right away but was told I would need to use a skin preparation cream for two weeks prior to the treatment to prevent the blotchy effect I had dreaded.

After my course of four peels, my skin feels so soft and everyone has commented on how much better it looks. In fact three of my girlfriends have had the peel done after seeing the effects on my skin. Even though I didn’t think they had problem skin I have noticed that their skin definitely looks better. Now I don’t feel I must wear make-up and can get by with some light powder when I’m going out.

Daphne, Rugeley, Staffordshire

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