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Sclerotherapy is an established technique for the permanent removal of thread veins (speder naevi). It is safe and convenient and is generally regarded as the best treatment.

A tiny needle is used to flush the thread vein with a special sclerotherapy solution which causes the vein to dissolve away. On the first day after treatment the skin around the vein is a little pink and blotchy. Occasionally, clients with sensitive skin see more pinkness or reaction around the vein. The whole process can take several weeks and treated veins can look darker and more unsightly until they eventually disappear. At the injection site you may see small bruises which will fade over a few weeks.

Most clients are suitable for sclerotherapy, although those with certain pre-existing medical conditions may be advised against having this treatment.

Please read the following instructions carefully and follow the recommendations.

Healing will take up to three to four weeks, and scabbing is a normal part of the healing process.

The following instructions will aid healing and reduce the risk of infection; they should be followed until healing is complete.

•  If possible rest after treatment without stimulation for thirty minutes.

•  No soap or make‑up (even un‑perfumed) for 24 hours (facial veins).

•  Avoid abrasion of any kind from scrubbing or rough towels.

•  No swimming or sporting activity for three days.

•  No sunbathing (including sunbeds), hot baths, sauna, steam, waxing or other heat treatment of any kind for up to one week.

•  Cleanse twice a day with witch hazel and apply aloe-vera.

It is very important that you do not attempt to lift the scabs prematurely as this increases the risk of scarring, pitting or unsuccessful treatment.

For a Sclerotherapy consultation please feel free to contact us with any queries and concerns that you may have. Here at Charismetics we can provide therapy in areas like, Botox, Collagen, Hair Removal and Rosacea treatment.

I used to hate the summer because instead of wearing shorts, I would wear light trousers or pedal pushers so that I didn’t have to show the ugly red veins on my legs. Red veins run in my family and I thought it was something I just had to live with. I don’t know why I put up with them so long.

After discussing what treatment was available I learned that I could have lighter veins treated with a machine but larger ones would respond better to an injection. I opted for the injection.
The course of treatments were simple and effective with the veins getting lighter each treatment. I was so pleased with the results. I started having my legs treated during the winter months when I could cover them up and this summer I have worn shorts whenever I could, weather permitting.

I’m now getting the few veins on my face treated too and I would recommend anyone suffering with red veins to do something now. This is not something you have to live with.

Alison, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire

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