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IMAGE Photo rejuvination treatment can erase damage inflicted on your skin from sun
IMAGE Skin rejuvination Treatment from Charismetics helps to restore a youthful appearance to your skin


Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo-rejuvenation is a non-invasive gentle way to erase damage inflicted on your skin from sun, aging and biological factors. This breakthrough rejuvenation technique corrects a variety of skin conditions such as facial thread veins, rosacea, and hyper-pigmentation. It can even soften and smooth out scar tissue and stretch marks.

One of the many advantages of IPL is that it helps to restore a youthful appearance to your skin unlike without the prolonged recovery time typical of other treatment.

Our customers who have received IPL treatment have also benefited from our specialised services including; Tooth Whitening, Hair Removal & Botox Treatment.

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I have always suffered with Rosacea. That’s not the reason that I went ahead with the IPL treatment on my face, I had melasma which is a pigmentation condition that gets worse from sun exposure and made me look like I was wearing a brown blotchy mask.

The treatment reduced the brown blotchiness to almost nothing but much to my surprise and delight, a side effect of the treatment was a dramatic improvement in my Rosacea.

Apparently skin rejuvenation treatment claims to reduce your skin age by two years each treatment. In my case it has taken me back from 43 to a teenager!

Cindy, Walsall, West Midlands

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